We test 12v coolers for this summer’s drive

12v / 230v 45 liter Kayoba (Jula)

This is a really cool refrigerator for those who want to carry many coolers – 45 liters goes a long way. Food for the whole family is enough for a weekend. Or for a really good outing with your friends.

Of course it will be difficult to lift this box if you pack it full of stuff. This has been solved by equipping the cooler bag with wheels and a practical pull handle. It works really smoothly.

However, we are a little disappointed with the temperature. When we test in a 20 degree warm room, the box never gets colder than 12 degrees, which is too hot for more sensitive refrigerants. In addition, it took an hour to cool it down to that temperature.


A solid construction and lots of space. Can do both heat and cold. Can run on both 12 and 230 V.


This is a cool box that sounds pretty much. Forget sleeping near it in a boat or caravan, for example. In addition, it does not get very cold. When we test drive, the thermometer never reaches below 12 degrees – and it takes a while to get there.

A 12v cooler in the car is the smartest way to bring food and drink on the road trip this summer. We have tested six different coolers in different sizes and price ranges.

Not all boxes can be refrigerated in the car – most boxes promise a cooling capacity of about 15 degrees below ambient temperature, and then it must be cool in the compartment if the boxes should come down to eight degrees.

If you have sensitive foods with you, it can be a good idea to supplement with a couple of cooling lamps, it makes a big difference.