Russia is gradually coming out of self-isolation, but so far the process is very slow and does not apply to all regions. It is hoped that sooner or later life will return to normal. This also applies to the car market, which is seriously suffering in the current situation. We mentioned the very recent times […]

We had grandiose plans for this Toyota Camry: we hoped to gather all generations, and later – to compare it with classmates: new Hyundai Sonata and restyled Mazda6. But there was a coronavirus, passes, imprisonment, masks and that's it. The sedan with an invigorating V6 nameplate at the stern for the second month stands motionless […]

This was before the pandemic. Cadillac XT6 is like a big ship sailing on the streets of Marrakesh. And the traffic here is raging: you often risk squeezing a sudden scooter or hooking a stroller with a team of harnessed horses. We remember that the crossover monitors obstacles and in the event of a dangerous […]

Last year, the range of Lada models with the Cross console was finally formed – the off-road version was introduced in the younger Granta family, and the more expensive cars got a continuous transmission. We went through all the options and tried to figure out if these machines were better off-road and how much to […]

The Lexus LS seems to be doing the wrong thing. He has a flashy exterior, sometimes unsightly interiors and a dozen controversial decisions – is that what a Mercedes S-Class competitor should look like? Experiments are not accepted in the high car society. Everything should be extremely strict, as in the Audi A8: office lounge, […]

Even 10 years ago, it was hard to imagine that electronic assistants would stop annoy the driver. Today, parking sensors, rear-view cameras, and all roadside assistance systems have become not just standard equipment for the car – without them the car seems outdated and does not withstand competition. These options have long been in the […]

The plan was simple: get out on a tractor test track familiar to you, test two SUVs Jimny and UAZ Patriot as far as possible and try to get on their crossover tracks. As the last was selected Renault Duster – the most prepared and capable of this category of cars. That is, either we […]

The one-lane road under Kostroma is more like a landfill: there are all types of irregularities, and potholes sometimes occur at such a depth that it is necessary to make a reshuffle on a piece of asphalt. On the right – birch trees, on the left – the Volga. About the Bridge along the Volga, […]

It turns out that Skoda Octavia is resting in the prime of life. New generation car already presented at a special event in the Czech Republic, But "live" cars will come to dealers not earlier than next year. So far, we have an actual car with the A7 body index available to us. And it […]