12v / 230v 45 liter Kayoba (Jula) This is a really cool refrigerator for those who want to carry many coolers – 45 liters goes a long way. Food for the whole family is enough for a weekend. Or for a really good outing with your friends. Of course it will be difficult to lift […]

A great pressuppbad had been the last night in Prague, when Nissan unveiled the all-new model of the Company. Since the Ford part of the Volkwagen group’s share of the car in a lot of the new features of the Volkswagen Golf. This may, however, it’s a totally different style, and halvkombin out, as tradition […]

Urus is a hit, and has more than doubled the volume of the New. In Sweden, too, is a super suv with a V8 engine of 650 hp, is a great success, as many as 19 copies have been sold in a little over a year. One of the main tasks is to ensure that […]

The pillars on either side of the windshield, has become thicker in order to create a more secure cars”. However, the wider, the pillars have a at the same time, creating blind spots when you are out in traffic. Carmakers such as Hyundai, Kia, and Land Rover has spent several years working to obtain the […]

Even though Arnold Schwarzenegger has built on its Gelandewagen an electric car is the Mercedes G-class, as far away from the image of an electric car is that you can get. The car was designed in 1978 and has the aerodynamics of a barn wall even. The drive train is well-known for gobbling fuel, and […]

Ever since Bugatti revealed the most expensive produktionsbilen by the time of the Genèvesalongen in march, has it been hot. Soccer star cristiano Ronaldo is one of those who have been identified as the vehicle owner, which he denied. Now, the late VW’s boss, Ferdinand Piëch, is a different one. The other day, the saudi […]

Electric cars run on electricity from renewable energy sources are more environmentally friendly than a gasoline or diesel car, there is no doubt about that. A number of studies show that, even if it is for a large part, comes from coal-fired power stations the emissions are far less than for cars, with the forbrukningsmotorer. […]

The Ferrari was at the start of 2019 for the world’s most powerful brand, companies such as Lego, Disney, Coca-Cola and McDonald’s, all of them got to see sports cars of the prancing horse from Maranello. Now is the time to make use of the force, and the launch of the Ferrari more heavily on […]

Vw’s bet on electric vehicles is one of the biggest projects at the moment, and electrification will affect the whole of the European automotive industry. The jobs are going to be fewer in number, both in the car factories, and with our partners. PBoard meet Volkswagen’s head of marketing Jürgen Stackmann, immediately after the opening […]

Three years ago, the chinese Geely is the sole owner of the Volvo car corporation. But the chinese have been avid buyers of any other vehicle: the classic luxury sports cars, the Lotus, the malaysian car manufacturer Proton, and the company Terrafugia, which is focused on flying vehicles. Geely, the main owner and the chairman […]