Audi A6 vs. Jaguar XF: choose a business sedan rewiew

Russia is gradually coming out of self-isolation, but so far the process is very slow and does not apply to all regions. It is hoped that sooner or later life will return to normal. This also applies to the car market, which is seriously suffering in the current situation. We mentioned the very recent times when the Audi A6 and Jaguar XF were very popular, and compared the two business sedans.

"Senya, take care of your hand!" – A phrase from the legendary film by Leonid Gaidai is remembered by almost everyone. By the way, it can be applied to the owner of the Audi A6, only it should be about the front bumper. Seriously, this is not just an element of the body, but a whole bunch of technologies. And for me this is another strong argument in favor of the German sedan. I don't know about you, but since childhood I have been madly attracted to some things with disguised, additional content.

I learned this not during my test, but in Germany at the first static presentation of the then new Audi A6. I was skeptical that in Russian realities all these systems have no chance of survival. Now I have tested it in practice and I must admit: yes, it does not work perfectly, but much better than I thought. In heavy rain and especially slush, most sensors are clogged, which the system warns. But this does not happen immediately and in really severe weather.

In fact, we already are compared the Audi A6 with the Jaguar XF. But it was more than three years ago and as if in some other life. Even then, these cars cost a lot of money, but for some reason their price seemed quite adequate. Especially in relation to quality. Now both models are in the infamous luxury list and finally moved to the category of dream car, the purchase of which can now happen only in some immeasurable and very bright future.

It would be logical to prefer Audi, because it is new and much more liquid than Jaguar. But I would still choose a Briton, and that's why.

But the classic layout allows XF to be practically a work of art, a kind of sculpture on wheels. Proportions, lines, details – here it is absolutely impossible to find fault with anything. In this Jaguar, everything is done correctly and according to the classic canons.